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text review petualangan panji

Don’t be afraid with the animal
I never explore in the forest before but panji can make me feel how explore to the forest.”Petualangan Panji” is one of global tv program that felt the care of panji about the animal where on the forest. Do not hunt the animals but playing with them. This program aired for 30 minutes every Monday to Wednesday at 2.00-2.30pm. 
On this episode panji was in Bengkulu, in there was fortress of  british troops, the second largest fortress in asia built at 18th century. Panji down to the beach and then went into the forest. In this forest there are still wild animals such as wild Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers, boars, etc. After that panji saw a snake in a river and that is phyton snake, panji approached the snake to play with him, after panji can domesticated he continued to walk in the forest. and then panji saw animals that he has never seen before, it is wild Sumatran elephants but to close with them panji must through the river that there was a crocodile’s. Fortunately panji able to escape from the crocodile’s. and finally panji can close to the wild Sumatran Elephants but he must be careful because wild Sumatran elephants is very aggressive compared to other elephants, because elephants assume that human is his enemy .Panji satisfied after seeing wild Sumatran elephants and he back to the camp.
Petualangan Panji is one of the television program that are impressive ,because he can bring the audience involved in the adventure of panji on the each episode.The television program also teaches us that animals were not to be hunted but to be protected especially the rare animals which almost gone and panji teaches us to be friends with animals.don’t be afraid because actually that animals is afraid of us….humans.
So Petualangan Panji are very suitable to be watched by children or adults to learn that animals also need attention and affection.

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